The Company


Wixen Music Publishing, Inc. was formed in 1978 as an alternative channel for publishing administration, copyright management, and royalty compliance review. Founder Randall Wixen has a degree in economics from UCLA and has taken several professional-level courses on law and business aspects of music publishing. He has lectured at UCLA Extension, Cal State Northridge, the USC Entertainment Law Symposium and the Association of Independent Music Publishers. He is a voting member of the recording academy (NARAS) and has written on the topic of publishing royalties for the L.A. County Bar Association. He is the author of “The Plain And Simple Guide To Music Publishing” (Hal Leonard, Milwaukee, WI, 2005, 2nd edition 2009, 3rd edition 2014).


From the beginning, the emphasis has always been on providing ultra-high- quality administration with extra consideration given towards royalty analysis, while both protecting and exploiting our clients’ copyrights. We don’t try to function as bankers and collateralize your earnings with advances. We function simply as copyright administrators. You keep and control your copyrights, we keep our money, and you get to retain more of yours. Statements which we receive on behalf of clients aren’t merely filed or keypunched into the royalty system. They’re scrutinized closely to ensure that, among other things, all songs have been accounted, payments are based on the licensed rates and shares of ownership, and all sources (and likely sources) of income have rendered timely accountings.


These days sync fees represent a significant income source for publishers more so than record or download sales. Understanding the value of music and pricing songs accordingly is very important to maintain its worth and not erode its earning power. With our breadth of clients we bring this knowledge to each sync use and advise our clients on the appropriate fee for the type of use. Since you own your own publishing, it is ultimately your decision on whether you want your song used and how you want it priced. Some may call our pricing model aggressive; our clients see it as watching out for their interests and getting them the best deal for their song.


Successful marketing is the result of many pieces. Paramount are relationships within the synch community and an in-depth knowledge of all the music — not just the hits — in the catalog. To that foundation, add a considered multi-layered approach. Our creative team does just that from personally meeting and playing music with the music supervisors, responding thoughtfully and reliably to creative briefs, creating and disseminating new music and thematic e-blasts, showcases, writers camps and much more.


We are able to cover the whole world, or only select territories to fit your needs. In general, we work on a one- year term cancelable by either party. The fee for our services is usually 10% of the net receipts or credits received by us on your behalf. We do not use the services of the Harry Fox Agency for mechanical licensing, except by specific client request.


We employ a network of over 40 mostly independent sub-publishers to collect royalties overseas. In all major territories, our sub-publishers take only a 10% fee. In instances involving extraordinary income, we can also administer catalogs under clients’ own individual sub-publishing arrangements.


We keep clients “in the loop,” copying them on important matters. We handle licensing and other traditional administrative duties in an extraordinarily efficient manner. We provide quick turnaround of all communication, both to and from clients and on behalf of clients.


Our roster of more than 2,000 individuals and publishing companies comprises the very top songwriters and recording artists from all genres of popular music.  We would match our client list against any slate in the music business. And our clients stay with us forever. Please call us if you would like specific references or click here to view a selection of our clients.