Copyright Termination & Reversion Calculator

Fill out the information below and the calculator will automatically tell you what termination and/or reversionary are available in each situation.  See our FAQ for helpful information about the terms used.  Click here to contact us with further questions, to obtain references to attorneys who can help you recapture rights, or to request that Wixen administers your newly recaptured publishing and/or master recording rights.


The Song

Date the work was “fixed”:  

Is this a work for hire? 

Is this a joint work? 

Has the work been published? 

Date of publication:  

Was the work registered with the copyright office? 

Effective date of (c) registration:  

Was a renewal registration filed with the copyright office? 

Effective date of renewal registration:  

The Author(s)

Is this an anonymous or pseudonymous work?

Are all authors alive? 

Is the author in question alive?  

Date of the author in question’s death:  

Date of last surviving author’s death:  

The Grant of Rights

Date of the grant of rights:  

Does the grant include the right of publication? 

Was the grant made by the author?  


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